When the COVID-19 pandemic started in early 2020, none of us really had an idea how long it would last, or how long it would take a vaccine to be created, or how to combat it effectively. Our first line of defense against the virus was to stay home, only travel for essential items, and work from home. Although we can argue it helped, our case counts have been on a precipitous curve this past year and into 2021. Our last line of defense – our nurses, our medical staff, and our hospital systems were pushed to the extremes. We went from rationing ventilators, to opening pop-up hospital tents just to treat the infected. Our overwhelmed hospitals faced this novel virus that colluded with the tranches of everyday – and more serious – sicknesses. The choice our hospital systems face underpins the severity of the situation – who deserves the ICU bed and who does not? Our hospitals now, more than ever, need innovation, support, and the right people to guide them towards a healthier world.

Years ago, at a large tradeshow in Toronto, we discovered a Canadian company by the name of Tapmaster. They had created a hands-free faucet system that does not use any form of electricity – and can be activated by a foot pedal, pushing on a towel rack, or even a large button. We fell in love with the simplicity and the potential a product like this could have on the medical world and helping prevent the spread of infections. It was an easy sell for us, and we got to work by showcasing the extraordinary capabilities of these products to the Ontario hospital system – specifically in Toronto.

Fast forward to today, Tapmaster is more important than ever. After years of hard work prior to the pandemic, we found the perfect partner at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. Derrick Muir, now Operations Supervisor for Building Services, was instrumental in helping us get the product in the right hands. Derrick, a plumber at the time, installed the first units and instantly saw their value. “It’s an awesome, back-to-the-basics product,” he said in a recent interview with Tapmaster. After the first installation in the Emergency Department in 2013, the hospital has since installed 900 more Tapmaster units and have flat-specified the product on all future renovations.

In a time where infection control is of the upmost importance, we are proud these units have provided help to our dedicated healthcare workers. It is a reminder that even a simple product can have a huge impact in slowing down the spread of this virus or any other. We will continue to work with Derrick and help Tapmaster reach other hospital systems in Ontario and find new products that can help curb our infection rates. Now more than ever.